3 Benefits of Routine Property Maintenance in Palm Harbor, FL

3 Benefits of Routine Property Maintenance in Palm Harbor, FL

You're enjoying your well-deserved weekend when, all of a sudden, you get a call from one of your tenants. They're panicking after seeing a mouse or a roof leak in your rental unit. Or perhaps the heating system failed, making the interiors go chilly.

As a landlord, you can't delay, much less ignore your renters' pleas for help. However, you can prevent such issues from happening in the first place with routine property maintenance.

We'll tell you more about the reasons and perks of keeping your rentals in top shape, so read on.

1. Comply With Housing Laws

The routine property maintenance of your Palm Harbor rental properties can help you comply with the Florida Residential Landlord-Tenant Act. This law mandates all landlords to abide by building, housing, and health codes.

Under the Act, landlords must:

  • Maintain the premises' structural components (e.g., roofing, plumbing, electrical, foundations, etc.)
  • Clean common areas
  • Provide working facilities (e.g., running water, hot water, and heating for winter)
  • Make reasonable provisions for pest extermination (e.g., bedbugs, rodents, roaches, and termites)

Failure to abide by those regulations can result in your properties posing health and safety risks to tenants.

An example is if rodents, which can bring diseases like Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis, infest them. They also cause property damage by chewing on structural parts, furniture, and electrical wires.

In those cases, tenants can file a complaint, demand you fix the issue, and withhold rent. They may even sue you.

Don't wait for any of that to happen. Instead, always schedule and perform regular property inspections and maintenance. Alternatively, you can delegate these tasks to reliable property managers in Palm Harbor.

2. Increase Chances of Lease Renewals

Once you find the best tenants, do what you can to help them have a wonderful time in your rental units. Because the more satisfied they are, the more likely they'd want to stay longer in your properties. Thus, one of the most effective ways to simplify lease renewals is to make tenants happy.

Routine maintenance can help you reach that goal since it keeps your property habitable. It lets you satisfy your renters' fundamental rights and needs for safe housing.

3. Preserve Property Value

Many Florida home components and items don't last as long as those in houses elsewhere. This is primarily due to the state's environmental conditions.

Heat, humidity, saltwater, and weather contribute to early component and material failure. For instance, hot weather drastically shortens asphalt shingle lifespans.

When building components fail, they affect the quality of other structural materials. For example, a failed asphalt shingle roof can lead to indoor leaks, mold, and water damage. When these happen, your property's value can drop.

For those reasons, always perform regular property maintenance and inspections.

Never Skip Routine Property Maintenance

Routine property maintenance preserves your rental units' habitability and safety. It also helps keep your tenants happy, making them more likely to renew their lease.

But what if you don't have enough time?

Then, let the Palm Harbor property managers of PMI Pinellas handle things for you. As locals, we understand the unique maintenance needs of properties here. We're also part of a national franchise with 20+ years of property management experience.

So, call us today! We'll happily discuss how our property management services can help enhance your rental business.